January 8, 2019

My Concept for occupational health care

Our well-being depends essentially on how we behave in everyday life. And, in the first instance, our daily life depends on the relationship with our body, with other people, and the surrounding environment. In order to live in harmony with these three important entities, it would be prudent to take a first look inside ourselves. How we feel, act and react. And becoming aware of our daily primary motivation to start a pleasant day and to facing our psychophysical and socio-cultural challenges.

To look inwards, really is about finding out about our inner-self. It is about sensing what the difficulties are that hinder us in have a better day. And it is about sourcing the positive ways that we can use to turn this into a better day. Normally, it is not only negative energies or worries that inhabit our interior, there are many of these energies that are positive, of which I am going to make an emphasis to re-support them and get the best out of them. The mental exercise of concentration on the positive energies that circulate in our body is practiced by directing focus on them and sensing the satisfaction they provide. Engaging our bodies in movement reinforces these positive thoughts.

This is no trivial matter, and I want to emphasize that physical movement has the capacity to healing. This mindset, once turned into a lifestyle, has the capacity to fill each day with well-being. How to translate the mindset into a lifestyle? This is about routines and micro-routines. During the eight or more productive hours that we spend at the workplace, we have the capacity of making many small changes to our activities and how we carry them out. The goal should be to activate zones that rest, but that need to be moved, or areas that move in a certain and repetitive way, and then we change these movements towards other dimensions, to provide a better way to help these muscle areas not to get overloaded or to end up giving us an incorrect or vicious posture in the future.

It is also about using the stairs instead of the elevator, having fruit around the office instead of cake and biscuits, maybe have even meetings at a high table, with stools or just standing. This automatically encourages you to spend less time sitting (because sitting is a poison) and to move your body instead.

In this way we will use our workspace in a way that becomes conducive to our fitness (physical and mental), to solve our vicious movement habits or postures that cause us pain or bad body behaviour.

If we work sitting down, let’s look for the possibility of dividing the time between sitting and standing. But if we don´t have the possibility to work at a movable working desk that allows us this change of state then we should stop and make certain movements that help us to lubricate joints and mobilize areas that have been at rest for a long time. If we work all the time in front of the computer, our shoulders, head, cervical area, lower spine, arms, hips, etc. they adopt a certain position that we will maintain for a long time. It is important to move these areas, activating them with some movements or stretching them. In this way our body does not register them as vicious postures in the daily routine.

It is a good option to use the office elements for the movements (desk, chairs, wall, shelves, etc), or to have small sport equipment that do not occupy spaces, and it is not necessary to make large movements, but movements or changes of easy activities that allow us to change the routine and current postures or movements (TRX-Band, elastic bands, air cushion, small massage balls, pilates ball, etc).

The time you dedicate to these exercises does not need to be huge, 5 to 8 minutes of activity change, and a proper exercise of breathing, may be enough to dispel the body from certain postures or repetitive movements. And an amount of 4 to 6 times a day depending on the amount of work hours can be sufficient.

These activities of change can be done alone, or with the partner near our desk, so we improve interpersonal exchange as well, and encourage others to share our wellness space, creating an atmosphere of well-being for all.

This concept can be applicable to all companies that work long hours: IT companies, offices, hospitals, manufacturing companies, commercial and food stores, in short all sectors of work that use human labour, The purpose is to change activities for a few minutes, or move to change positions that are harmful to the body or create vicious postures or movements. 0