April 14, 2017

Personal Training Individual Sessions

  • PT = 60 minutes Personal Training
  • Consultation (1 PT)
  • Personalized Training Plan (1,5 PT)
  • Update Personalized Training Plan (1PT)

Fitness & Nutrition App

You will have full access to our app with the following functionality

  • You will have access to over 2500 3D animated exercises (to inspire you)
  • Part of the fitness community and fitness challenges
  • Nutrition app allowing you to easily track your calories and nutrient intake and off set it against the exercises you have done that day
  • Gain insights into your nutritional habits with detailed statistics.
  • Personalise this app to help you lose, gain or maintain weight/muscle.
  • Add your own foods and save meals and add instantly next time

More Information on the Nutrition App

More Information on the Fitness App

Personal Training

Personal Training can take place at

  • Elizandro´s Fitness home gym in Bonn-Beuel
  • A Gym in Bonn specialized in functional training and free weights (no machines) (Gym fees are included in price)
  • Outdoors (for example along the river Rhine in Bonn)
  • At your home, work (separate agreement needed depending on distance to Bonn-Beuel)
  • Other locations if mutually agreed (if additional cost occur they have to be born by the client)
  • Online via Skype

More Information on my approach to Personal Training (consultation, training plan and update)

Terms & Conditions

  • The client has to notify cancellation of an agreed training times at least 24 hours before the training starts otherwise they will be charged
  • Clients have the right to cancel a subscription within two weeks without the need to give any reason

Please refer to the full terms and conditions for details (German AGBs)