Personal Training Approach

Initial Meeting

My personal training approach starts with an initial meeting which is free of charge and any obligation for you. We will get to know each other and start by discussing your ambitions and expectations. We will talk about your current lifestyle, health record and medical history, your past training experience and current eating habits. At the end I will explain the different ways of how I can help reaching your ambitions.


In case you are motivated to work with my we start with a consultation that will typically last for an hour and consists of the following elements:

  1. Physical Assessment: I will assess your posture, joint mobility, range of movement and flexibility. The purpose of this assessment is to find imbalances or weaknesses that will need correcting.
  2. Measurements: I will take different body measurements using the old fashioned tape and determine body fat and take blood pressure.
  3. Strength Assessment: I will measure your current strength based on a number of simple exercises. Alongside the measures they provide a good foundation to determine progress over time.
  4. Target Setting: Based on your ambitions, your current training status and the time you can / want to devote to training we will set out realistic targets and timeframes for your ambitions to be achieved.

Training Plan

After the consultation I will do my homework and build a tailored personal training plan for you based on the assessment and the defined targets. This will include exercises, as well as nutrition and lifestyle advice. I encourage you to use my fitness and nutrition portal and mobile app, where you can see your plan and you can keep track of your progress.


Initial Training

In my personal training approach I take a lot of care in making you familiar with the exercises in your personal training plan. Although many exercises look quite simple, it takes time and experience to develop the right technique. In my view it is really important to connect your mind with your muscles so you feel the muscles you are exercising. I will use an app on my ipad to show the muscles you are training, their function and where they are located. I see a lot of people in fitness studios not using proper techniques and especially men are often proud to move a lot of weight. Wrong techniques can lead to injuries, making health problems worse or in the best case just not reaching your goals.

Training Plan Update

Once you master the exercises it is really important to monitor progress and change the training routine to keep your interest up but also to create new challenges for your body and muscles. In my personal training approach I suggest to take some core measures and change the training plan every 6-8 weeks and do a full consultation every six months. In addition it is possible to connect a fitness tracker and a scale with BIA functionality directly to my app to incorporate feedback on a daily basis.